Stone Ten: Copy no.4 'Limestone flagstones'
Completed July 2005


Binding • 28.5 x 20.5 x 2
The boards are of irregular layers of handmade paper pressed over board, heavily sanded with a flail bit and power drill, stained and worked repeatedly to a smooth finish. The spine is formed of concertinafolded, alum-tawed goatskin. Textured doublures and endpapers, with embossed mirror images of a fossil shell at the front are airbrushed, with colour fading towards the text block. Head is airbrushed to blend with cover colouration; part-gilded areas in gold and palladium. Silk head and tail bands to match either end.

Container • 31 x 22.5 x 6
Treatment of outer surfaces as the binding, though more worn; two halves jointed centrally with alumtawed goatskin; interior of cream silk over padded lining and partly hidden images of shell forms; the inner edges are of ruched silk; the finger lift tab is alumtawed goatskin. The two halves open flat upside down to form two 'flagstones'.


I always notice flagstones in churches and cathedrals with their well-trodden, worn forms that reveal variations in the structure. Colours vary considerably but I wanted a foil to some of the other bindings, whilst trying to find an appropriate colour and texture for the owner. I also pare my leather on a large lithographic stone of Bavarian limestone and love its silkysmooth surface contrasting with the riven edges. I wanted to evoke something of the hard, cool nature of limestone, contrasting with its chalky origins (the alum-tawed skin for spines and tab); the hidden aspects of the creatures that had contributed to its characteristics with the fossil shells and ammonitelike forms (the fossil impressions were made from an actual fossil found on Mull) and the effects of weathering and wearing.


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