Stone One: Copy no. 17 'Waterfall'
Completed October 2000


Binding • 23.7 x 20.4 x 2.5
Bound in dark-green morocco, with sanded highlights, over bas-relief boards of overlapping millboard layers. The alum-tawed doublures overlap onto the front and back and are impressed into the lightly toned endpapers, and the swirling raised surfaces are highlighted with gold and palladium. The head is gilded in gold and palladium echoing the swirling motifs. Silk head and tail bands match each end.

Container • 3.2 x 22.3 x 6
Vertical draw box, opening sideways, formed of layers of millboard, covered with paper, stained dark green and sealed. The head and foredge have inserts of polycarbonate revealing the head and 'waterfall' leaves of the text. Mossy green velvet lines the box.


There is a waterfall nearby to which I frequently walk with my dog. It is governed by the rainfall in the west coast of Scotland, and just as fickle. At times it is a mere trickle and the sounds are tiny and gentle, at others they deepen as turbulent skeins of white water tinged with brackish hues of peat rush down the rock face. Over hundreds of years the rocks have been worn and washed into a downward direction creating overlapping dark green and blackened layers. The white fall reminds me of the text of the book - the foredge at times thin and closed, at others wide open and ready to spill its contents. The head is more like the surface of the burn just before tumbling over, the sunlight filtering through the birches from the west dappling the water with gold and silver, and catching the swirling surfaces as they fling their way around the fallen rocks below. Harmony and contrast: the hard rock and the fluid element, interdependent and changed by each other; the fluid mind, sounds of movement, fanning leaves of paper, the ripple of water; the physical form of the book referring to the stones and rocks which support us. This is where my journey with Stone began.


2008 © Faith Shannon. All rights reserved.