Stone Two: Copy no. 19 'Quartz vein'
Completed 2000


Binding • 28.2 x 20 x 2.2
Bound in bleached vellum with natural markings, pressed over bas-relief boards using the inner pre-modelled linings of the box as formers - working the box and book together. The spine and boards were worked independently. The doublures are of vellum continued in one piece on each side from the outer covering and overlapped at head and tail with the irregular edges 'gilded' with palladium. The head is cracklure 'gilded', also with palladium. Silk head and tail bands worked to match each end.

Container • 31.6 x 23.2 x 4
Constructed of laminates of millboard, bas-relief inner surfaces, covered with dyed handmade paper. Indented ring mark and incised letterforms 'stone' on front. Bleached vellum spine hinge, touched with palladium at head and tail. Concertina vellum 'catch' at foredge.


The theme of protective and concealing layers continues - the book is protected by its covers; in turn it is protected by the container which may be plain, or an aspect of the presentation and part of the whole idea. With stones and rock faces the surprise is often held inside, or sandwiched between, two faces, its surfaces formed in close association with the host rock - like a seam of quartz threaded between grey rocks. Great whalebacks of them abound in the Argyll landscape, some incised with mysterious 'cup and ring' marks, the legacy of man's life around 5000 years ago. The ring mark is added like graffiti, using the book's title face to complete the title on the box and scratched rather than carved, to intimate another era. The naturally figured, semi-translucent vellum with its hard, cool surface and touches of silvery palladium were suggested by the qualities of a piece of quartz - finding the right material is sometimes a matter of exciting serendipity.


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