Stone Three: Copy no. 69 'Slate'
Completed April 2001


Binding • 29 x 20.5 x 3
Bound in grey oasis morocco formed over textured boards, with bevelled inner edges, evocative of the graining and layering of slate; the leather doublures smoothed with a polishing iron, and deeply blinded and gold tooled squares are asymmetrically placed on outer and inner surfaces. The spine is of folded, compressed leather, indicating stacked slates. The endpapers are textured with impressions of the outer boards coloured with acrylics. Head has the original gilding of the casebound edition. Silk head and tail bands blend with either end.

Container • 33.5 x 24.7 x 4.2
A 'clam' type box with leather jointing at spine, constructed from laminates of millboard stained with acrylic paints; the outer layers of stained paper. Title 'stone' uses the letter forms of the book and is apparently chalked on the top cover. Lined in suede, with a petersham ribbon lift; thumb space at foredge tooled as 'iron pyrites' in gold and palladium.


The shores of Seil Island are lined with depths of slate fragments from the deserted slate quarry of Belnahua in the Firth of Lome, all but reclaimed by the sea. The rough sheets have been rounded and smoothed, the lustrous greys studded with fool's gold and pitted with cuboid hollows. The slates of the local houses acquire a beautiful patina as they age, and meld with the background of tall cliffs and shoreline. The idea for this binding came from the layered nature of the slates and their versatile practical and decorative applications - including the old school slate that suggested the treatment of the title on the container, which could also be preparation for letter cutting. The box was based on stacks of our old roof slates that sadly had to be replaced.


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