Stone Five: Copy no.20 'Rust-ironstone'
Completed February 2002


Binding • 29 x 20.3 x 2
Bound in dark-grey heavy-grained morocco over basrelief boards to fit the 'chemise' interior - both worked together to achieve positive/negative fitting. Leather rust/ochre-coloured with casein tempera. The 'yap' edges at head, tail and foredge are rigid, enclosing the book completely. Doublures and endpapers are stained and worked with acrylics based on the colours of sand and ironstone, fading towards the text block. Head coloured to match. Silk head and tail bands match each end, the leather modelled over them to form thick caps.

Chemise • 32 x 22.5 x 4
Bas-relief worked together with the book, with overlapping edges, lined with brushed with casein tempera colour. Spine stencilled in grey, using the same typeface book. The outer covers are of handmade textured with acrylics.

Slipcase • 33 x 23.8 x 5
Shaped around the angled edges of the covered in handmade paper treated as edges of grey morocco, interior padded grey lining fabric, grey petersham draw Stencilled split title on front; reverse has a central grey morocco.


The hidden potential of a plain-looking fascinating - crack it open and its history whether a fossil or layers of forming. based on a stone which had split cleanly concentric bands of powdery rusty colour, with dark metallic greys. It made me think, the enclosing covers around the book secrets, and the act of prising it open. The book, its binding, chemise and slipcase, became one of interdependence during the process - one thing leading to another. The small so the change of scale made a fairly statement in relation to the images inside, of contrasting pebbles and stones.


2008 © Faith Shannon. All rights reserved.