Stone Seven: Copy no. 11 'Folding upthrusts'
Completed May 2005 • box March 2006


Binding • 28.2 x 20 x 1.7
Grey morocco worked into folded forms across both boards, although independently from the spine, separate to give appropriate jointing. Stained with colour and drybrushed with iridescent gold and silver acrylics. Head airbrushed and patch 'gilded' with palladium, airbrushed over. Head and tail bands in silk to match either end. Doublures and endpapers embossed using covers as blocks to create male/female texturing; airbrushed and finely sanded, fading towards text block, reverse of the innermost endpaper leaves textured but uncoloured.

Folio • 28.2 x 21.2 x 1
Handmade paper formed over the book boards and coloured as for doublures etc. Spine and foredge in leather worked to match binding; two little loop-andbutton catches of twisted and knotted leather touched with colour and silver iridescent acrylics. Inner folio flaps and linings of thick sand-pink handmade paper.

Container • 30 x 23.5 x 8
Double draw box, leather-hinged at base, with independent lid to be withdrawn upwards. Constructed with laminates of millboard, acid-free Kraft paper, asymmetrically curved overlapping profiled edges covered in grey morocco; outer faces covered in grey suede-side leather manipulated into folds and pressed, airbrushed with acrylic. Padded lining covered with pale grey lining fabric.


The side of Craignish Peninsula facing Scarba displays intriguing geological features. High above the stony beach are outcrops of folded upthrusts, squeezed and crunched by huge forces; tracksides and small quarries too, reveal the movement of the Earth's crust. Colours are mainly greys and sandy rusts, often shimmering with mica. The binding stems from these forms, the compression and movement is reflected in the struggle of the making process to convey the idea, as materials chosen to suggest the forms, textures and colours assert their own characteristics and dictate their application - forces at work shaping the outcome. (The morocco is tough, heavily grained chrome-tanned goatskin resisting manipulation, even when thinly pared, unlike a softer natural tanned and dyed goatskin, adding to the challenge). The rock-heavy box is a foil to the binding and lighter folio, alluding to slivers picked up from the mass; to be used to display the pair vertically as continuing layers, the weathered surfaces contrasting with the silky, mica sheen of the interior face.


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